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CKSource Supports Geek Girls

Geek Girls Carrots, a community for women who love new technologies, came up with an idea to run a JavaScript training for geek girls in Warsaw. Our JavaScript developer, Artur Delura, is one of the mentors leading the workshop, so CKSource was most happy to support this great initiative by offering the group some space in our Warsaw office.

When the workshop was announced, the response was overwhelming - with over 170 applications coming! We are truly sorry that our office is unable to accommodate such a huge group of JavaScript enthusiasts, but the response level just shows what an excellent idea this is.

Artur leading the Code Carrots JavaScript workshop

The final group consists of 23 participants who will meet once a week for the next few months. The aim of the workshop is to teach the participants about JavaScript syntax and its practical implementations as well as give them a bit of a frontend developer perspective. For a start, during the first meeting the group built a simple website with two scripts and also learned about developer tools and how the browser-server interaction works.

All in all, these were productive two hours filled with coding and discussions. We wish the geek girls a good time during the entire course and will surely report their progress in a little while!

Check out the Code Carrots JavaScript website if you are interested in more details and Artur’s presentation (the site is still work in progress and is only available in Polish, sorry). We’re really proud we are able to support the geek girls community a tiny bit and we’re also proud to have Artur, who actually volunteered to mentor the girls in his free time, on board! We hope the workshops can help find some real talents who will join the JavaScript community for good.

Here are a few more photos from the event:

Code Carrots JavaScript workshop under way Some team coding going on Getting to know JavaScript better

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