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CKFinder for ASP.NET Released!

Introducing the SetupCKEditor Method

The FileBrowser control of the CKFinder integration for ASP.NET offers a simple solution to automatically configure CKEditor in a single call. In order to achieve this, it is enough to use the newly added SetupCKEditor method. For example:

protected override void OnLoad( EventArgs e )
   CKFinder.FileBrowser _FileBrowser = new CKFinder.FileBrowser();
   _FileBrowser.BasePath = "/ckfinder/";
   _FileBrowser.SetupCKEditor( CKEditor1 );

Watermarking Your Images

Besides the ImageResize and FileEditor plugins, the ASP.NET integration now also contains the Watermark plugin that makes it quick and easy to mark your images with your logo or another graphic symbol. This plugin is disabled by default; you can turn it on just like all other CKFinder plugins:

Plugins = new string[] {
   "CKFinder.Plugins.Watermark, CKFinder_Watermark"

The Watermark plugin can be adjusted to your needs. Go to the config.ascx file and use the following configuration options to set the watermark image file, its offset, quality, and transparency.

PluginSettings.Add("Watermark_source", "logo.gif" );
PluginSettings.Add("Watermark_marginRight", "5" );
PluginSettings.Add("Watermark_marginBottom", "5" );
PluginSettings.Add("Watermark_quality", "90" );
PluginSettings.Add("Watermark_transparency", "80" );


Download CKFinder for ASP.NET now!

Reporting Issues and Community Support

Community support is available through our forums. Please use the forum to report issues and suggestions.

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