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CKEditor at 2014 FIFA World Cup

Few know how big a football enthusiast Frederico Knabben is. CKEditor’s creator also happens to be Brazilian, so you can imagine how ecstatic he must be over the 2014 FIFA World Cup. How excited? Enough to visit Brazil for the duration of the event! That’s right! CKEditor has a representative at the World Cup!

Thanks to our presence in Brazil, CKEditor.com will bring you exclusive interviews with mega football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, and many more! Ok, maybe not… But it’s safe to say the entire CKEditor core team and CKSource will be rooting for Brazil throughout the tournament.

Over the next few weeks, Fred (no, not that one) will send us pics from Brazil showing us his passion for the sport of football. The team will also show solidarity with CKEditor’s founder in any way possible. Expect to see cool pics here so keep checking back!

Pics from Brazil:

June 13: It has begun!

June 13: It has begun!

June 16: With mom and friends! Go Germany, Portugal, Bosnia!

Portugal Germany Bosnia

June 17: Celebrating the wonderful Belgium match, then getting ready for Brazil!!!

Belgium Brazil Party 7

June 17: CKSource Brazil Party #1!

Brazil Party 1 Brazil Party 2 Brazil Party 3 Brazil Party 4 Brazil Party 6

June 20 & 23: Italy vs. Costa Rica then Brazil vs. Cameroon! Guess who Fred will root for?!

Brazil Party 7 Brazil Party 8

June 24: CKSource Brazil Party #2!

Brazil Party 9 Brazil Party 10 Brazil Party 11

June 28: A close call between Brazil and Chile!

Brazil Party 12 Brazil Party 13

July 8: Before the Brazil vs. Germany match! Pivotal moment for Brazil in the World Cup! Which Fred will we see after the match? Stay tuned...

Fred happy Fred angry with molotov cocktail

July 9: We are all saddened by Brazil's loss to Germany... Today we mourn the fall of a giant.

Fred angry with molotov cocktail

July 13: Brazil lost and Fred is sad... But the important thing is having fun together!

Sad Fred Fred with friends

We hope you enjoyed the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil!

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