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CKEditor Weekly for September 30, 2013


Welcome to CKEditor Weekly, a summary of all the interesting happenings in and around the CKEditor community. This week we will summarize all the major events in the last 2 weeks. A lot has happened so read on! 

CKEditor in review

  • CKEditor 4.3 Beta was released! This is a major version because it introduces the new Widgets feature and many other improvements.

    Widgets are special rich content units - groups of elements that are treated as a single entity inside the editor. This means the entities can be selected, deleted or moved freely as a whole around the editing area, keeping their predefined structure intact. CKEditor 4.3 Beta includes Captioned images and Mathematical formulas. Some scenarios where Widgets would be most useful are:
    • Captioned images
    • Document templates
    • Block quotations with a caption
    • Annotations or references with source
    • Repeatable text blocks
    • Content elements using external libraries
  • Widget tutorials and SDK published. With the inclusion of such a groundbreaking feature we felt the need to update our documentation by including as much information about Widgets as possible. The guides should help you create your own Widgets!
  • CKEditor team was at DrupalCon Prague! CKEditor founder, Frederico Knabben, and CKEditor Developers Wiktor Walc, Piotrek Koszuliński and Olek Nowodziński were in attendance at this year's conference, meeting with the Drupal community. They took part in two separate Q&A sessions (BoFs): CKEditor for Site Builders and CKEditor for Developers. More on this tomorrow!
  • During the conference's Large Scale Drupal meeting in Prague, the team got a chance to get acquainted with representatives of companies who have been loyally using CKEditor over the years. NBC, Pfizer, Lullabot, Cancer Research UK and many others were in attendance to hear Frederico Knabben and Acquia talk about CKEditor in Drupal 8 . 
  • After the conference the team took part in a Sprint that resulted in three possible new features in future CKEditor versions: oEmbed (to easily embed videos and other media to your articles); Collaborative Editing (to let multiple users edit an article ala Google Docs); Snippets (that would allow adding color-defined code snippets to your content). 

Around the Net

  • All-in-Web announced that it will include CKEditor in their Open Source CMS. 

  • New stable version of CKEditor Link File for Drupal released. CKEditor Link File provides integration between CKEditor Link and File entities, allowing editors to link to files from within CKEditor.

That's it for this week. If you would like to be featured in one of our CKEditor Weeklies, or have an interesting tidbit that relates to CKEditor, leave a comment below or contact us!

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