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CKEditor Weekly for September 21, 2015

Here is your CKEditor weekly update. Last weeks were all about working on CKEditor tickets, progressing in the sphere of CKEditor 5 and introducing further improvements to CKFinder 3 and Bender.js. Read on for more!

CKEditor in Review

CKEditor 4

For the last two weeks, the CKEditor team was working on the new Paste from Word filter as well as on a few tickets for the CKEditor 4.5.4 and 4.6 milestones.

CKEditor 5

Here is how our progress with CKEditor 5 looks right now:

  • After a discussion we decided to give up the linear data model and switch to tree operations. By doing so, we will use a data structure which suits the document tree structure better than classic operational transformations, which were designed for the text document.
  • We did some research and found an interesting paper on "Generalizing Operational Transformation to the Standard General Markup Language" worth looking into.
  • We started a new branch on GitHub to introduce the new document model with tree data structure, tree positions and tree operations (not operating on linear data structure anymore).
  • At the same time we are testing how these ideas work in practice, by preparing a prototype.
  • We are finishing an article that will describe all the goals and ideas behind CKEditor 5, including important details of the new data model that we’re working on. We will soon publish it on our Medium publication.

Other Projects

CKFinder 3

We are still working on the upcoming release of CKFinder 3.1. During the last two weeks we mostly continued to work on accessibility issues and a proxy solution.

  • We improved screen reader compatibility in the keyboard shortcuts help dialog and the performance of loading files in the files pane.
  • We added PDF file preview in the gallery.
  • We added a Proxy command for the PHP connector.


The new release (0.4.1) is out! Most important changes since the last release:

  • Jobs without snapshots have their test list rebuilt when restarted.
  • We have dropped the "Regressions" feature.
  • We have updated project dependencies.
  • We have added a git hook which will prevent from commiting code with style and other issues.

Make sure to check out the full release note.

Around the Net

Team Updates

We are really excited about the CKSource team meet up that we are having this week in Warsaw! This also means that the next weekly will reach you in two weeks time.

That sums up last two weeks. If you would like to be featured in one of our CKEditor Weeklies, or have an interesting tidbit that relates to CKEditor, leave a comment below or contact us. 

Have a great week ahead!

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