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CKEditor Weekly for February 03, 2014

We're back with another edition of CKEditor Weekly. The CKEditor developer documentation got a few updates last week, and two new plugins are getting worked on. The community was also busy releasing various project patches and a series of YouTube videos in Russian. Read on for details...

CKEditor in review

  • CKEditor’s documentation site got an Advanced Installation Tasks section with:
  • The documentation’s Additional Information section also got a few minor updates, mostly relating to browser compatibility.
  • Now that the new upgrade articles are online, it can’t be stressed enough that anyone who still has an older version of CKEditor should upgrade!

    The team is actually thinking of ways to help promote the practice of keeping CKEditor up-to-date. One such idea is to add a notification in the About plugin, which would show the latest version currently out. But that’s just one idea. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.
  • Development on the new Code Snippets plugin has begun.
  • The team is currently working on improving compatibility between Media Embed and YouTube. 

Around the Net

  • David Wall released a CKEditor wrapper for Vaadin 7. Vaadin is a Java web application framework that helps you build modern Rich Internet Applications (RIA). The wrapper uses CKEditor 4.3.2 in an Eclipse environment.

  • Johanna Bates created a blog post explaining how to use HTML attributes in images, instead of inline CSS. (Just use the new Enhanced Image widget.)

  • A new patch was released for the bundle that provides SonataMediaBundle integration into CKEditor for Symfony 2 projects.

  • Дмитрий Валак released a two-part Youtube guide in Russian on how to install and configure CKEditor. You can view the first video here

​That's it for this week. If you would like to be featured in one of our CKEditor Weeklies, or have an interesting tidbit that relates to CKEditor, leave a comment below or contact us!

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