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CKEditor Weekly for December 02, 2013

We're back with another edition of CKEditor Weekly. Thanksgiving has come and gone giving the core team a chance to meet, talk about future projects and party. There's a lot to discuss so read on... 

CKEditor in review

  • Last week was rather eventful with the entire CKEditor core team meeting in Warsaw, Poland, on Thanksgiving and Friday to celebrate the release of CKEditor 4.3 and the new Widgets feature. Many topics were debated, rounds of table football (soccer) were played and pints of beer were consumed. Among other things, we discussed CKEditor 4.4, CKEditor 5, CKEditor Mobile and CKFinder 3. You can see pics from the get-together below!

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  • During one of the meetings Aleksander Nowodzinski (JavaScript Developer) and Ania Tomanek (Documentation Manager) proposed improving the Samples included in every CKEditor download. The team unanimously agreed they need improving, both in presentability and topics showcased.  

  • Another hot topic was Accessibility, which is one of CKEditor’s most distinguishable features. CKEditor Project Lead, Frederico Knabben, showed the team how CKEditor meets WCAG and Section 508 requirements (not everyone was aware of all the intricacies). Accessibility is a big deal because many institutions and companies are legally obliged to meet those requirements.

    The team tossed around the idea of developing an automated Accessibility testing program and a tool that would make CKEditor generate accessible code.
  • CKFinder 3.0 was showed off. Though development is still in its early stage, it was enough to show many improvements. Version 3 will boast a new UI, a flexible API, improved sorting, ability to add custom data to files, and various other tools, including image manipulation. The new CKFinder should be out in a few months.
  • A Widget Hunt contest was started on of Thanksgiving that gives lucky hunters a chance to win a free t-shirt! The goal is to find a hidden page by following a series of clues. You can read more about it here.

Around the Net

  • Web4thejob now has its own HTML editor based on CKEditor 4.3. Web4thejob is an open source Java framework for the rapid development of data-centric web applications. 

  • Konstantin Zaitcev created a plugin for the Eclipse Platform (an Integrated Development Environment) that provides WYSWYG editing functionality for HTML files. The plugin is based on CKEditor.

That's it for this week. If you would like to be featured in one of our CKEditor Weeklies, or have an interesting tidbit that relates to CKEditor, leave a comment below or contact us!

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