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CKEditor Weekly for April 07, 2014

We're back with another edition of CKEditor Weekly. CKEditor 4.4 is moving along forward with the team working in overdrive to get the promised features done on time. Read on for more... 

CKEditor in review

  • The Code Snippet plugin is up for review. 

  • The Media Embed plugin is up for review, again, but some members of the team are pushing to have the plugin reworked on a conceptual level. More as things develop!

  • The Drag & Drop plugin's core is getting polished but it's still far from being completed. 

  • CKEditor 4.4 will come with full support for linked images in Enhanced Image (Image2) plugin. More on this here...

  • Danya.postfactum uploaded an AutoCorrect plugin that adds MS Word-style character corrections to CKEditor. 

Around the Net

  • An update to the CKEditor connector for Vaadin was released. Vaadin is a Java web application framework that helps you build modern Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

That's it for this week. If you would like to be featured in one of our CKEditor Weeklies, or have an interesting tidbit that relates to CKEditor, leave a comment below or contact us!

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