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CKEditor Biweekly for October 20, 2016

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Once again, we bring you the latest update on our projects. Find out more about our progress with the upcoming releases of CKEditor. Read on for more!

CKEditor in Review

We continue to work on CKEditor 4.6, at the same time making lots of progress with CKEditor 5.

CKEditor 4

CKEditor 4.6

We aim to release CKEditor 4.6 in the beginning of November. The new default skin for both the editor and built-in Accessibility Checker has been finally merged into this upcoming release. 

One of the long-awaited features coming in CKEditor 4.6 will be a completely rewritten Paste from Word plugin. We also have some additional surprises connected with this release, so watch this space!

CKEditor 5

CKEditor 5 v0.3.0 is here and includes the list and link features.

We are currently working on iteration 4.

So far, we have made good progress with a couple of things:

  • The first piece of the autoformat feature landed on master. You can now create headings and lists by simply typing Markdown-like formatting:

    Autoformat screencast

  • We began working on the fake selection feature in the engine. It will allow for implementing widgets.
  • We closed a lot of selection-related tickets.
  • The editor now correctly handles whitespaces:
    • Insignificant ones (e.g. around blocks) are removed when loading data.
    • The model contains normalized spaces. In the DOM, subsequent spaces must be rendered as '     ', but in the document model, we keep normal spaces. The renderer takes care of the conversion, so the developer does not have to worry about them when changing the model.
  • We introduced the FocusTracker utility for managing focus state across the application.
  • The compiler now exports a simple entry point.
  • View models were merged into the view classes as a step towards simplifying the UI library.
  • We checked the RTL text support in the editor and everything worked fine.

Other Projects


We are about to release CKFinder 3.4.1 for  ASP.NET which will include some minor bugfixes regarding the UX.

Around the Net

Team Updates

We welcome Maciej Bukowski to the team! Our new colleague is ready for the new challenges ahead.

This sums up the last two weeks.

If you would like to be featured in one of our CKEditor updates, or have an interesting tidbit that relates to CKEditor, leave a comment below or contact us.

See you again in two weeks!

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