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CKEditor Biweekly for February 16, 2016

Here is the latest CKEditor update. Find out more about our progress with CKEditor 4 and 5 as well as the Editor Recommendations Project we have launched on GitHub. Read on for more!

CKEditor in Review

We have released CKEditor 4.5.7 and we continue to work on CKEditor versions 4.5.8 and 4.6 at the same time focusing our attention on CKEditor 5. 

CKEditor 4

We are currently looking at the following issues: 

  • Typing Japanese with Windows IME on IE 11 not firing change events (#14329).
  • Block elements being removed when you copy & paste (#14358).
  • Covering more test cases by the improved Paste from Word plugin (#9991).

Additionally, some updates were added to the CKEditor 4 Developer's Guide, namely:

CKEditor 5 

Two weeks ago we closed the Tree View implementation (which is the lower part of the diagram below) along with the Tree Data model and Batches.

CKEditor 5 Architecture Slide

We also finished working on other pieces of the puzzle, namely the Position Mapper and some basic data processors. We started working on the Converters and prototyping first features, which also triggered discussions about commands and schema. This means that in a couple of weeks the puzzle will be complete and first features will start to appear.

However, for the features to be usable we also need the UI. Therefore, we started working on the first creators and editables, the toolbar and the UI library in general. We also made some improvements to the MVC framework along the road.

Other than that, we finished updating the design wiki (see e.g. the rewritten Modularity and Plugins pages and the new Packages page) and made some effort to make the code compatible with Node.js environment.

We are openly discussing our design choices and we invite you to contribute! Many topics were already linked in this post and the two missing ones are the API for processing pipelines and the state of inline style commands in the Editor Recommendations project. If you want to find out more about the Editor Recommendations project, which aims at standardizing features available across rich text editors, make sure that you read the latest article on our Medium publication.

Other Projects


We finished some major language files reorganization to make language strings much more tidy and easier to localize. A completely new Bosnian localization was provided by axterbach (thanks!) and will be publicly available in the next release. If you would like to help us translate CKFinder or improve an existing translation, have a look into the dedicated ckfinder-translations GitHub repository. Your help will be much appreciated!

Speaking of releases, CKFinder 3 for ASP.NET is on track, with some last minute code polishing, lots of testing and documentation being worked on right now. Stay tuned for a beta release soon!

Editor Recommendations Project

We have launched the Editor Recommendations Project on GitHub. This project aims to solve a few problems currently faced by both editor developers and implementers who want to introduce content editing into their systems.

Although the project was created by the CKEditor team and is intended to help in CKEditor 5 development, it is being written in an editor-neutral way and other projects can certainly benefit from it, too.

Read the latest article on our Medium publication to find out more.

Around the Net

This sums up the last two weeks. 

If you would like to be featured in one of our CKEditor Biweeklies, or have an interesting tidbit that relates to CKEditor, leave a comment below or contact us. 

Have a great week ahead!

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