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CKEditor Biweekly for December 7, 2015

Here is your CKEditor biweekly update (we are switching from a weekly dose of updates to a biweekly one). Find out more about our progress with upcoming releases of CKEditor 4 and CKFinder and the development of CKEditor 5. Read on for more.

CKEditor in Review

We continue to work on versions 4.5.6 and 4.6 at the same time focusing our attention on CKEditor 5. Read on for more! 

CKEditor 4

This week we will release CKEditor 4.5.6 - it is going to be a micro release focused mainly on implementing the new spell checker version.

CKEditor 5 

During the last two weeks we were able to close most of the topics which we have mentioned in the previous biweekly.

We have finished working on the MVC architecture and part of it (module bindings) is already available in the master branch. The other part awaits the second review. We are now working on mockups of the new UI as well as the infrastructure, in which we need to implement a selection system. Our transformations and deltas API passed the review, so we are now into tree data model's change event. 

We are also working on CKEditor 5 Dev Tools, which will become a big step forward in the way we will maintain and develop CKEditor 5 in the future.

Other Projects


We are testing the upcoming CKFinder 3.2 release which will include such new features such as list view and file sorting. Also, for the past few weeks the ASP.NET connector for CKFinder 3 was tested for its feature alignment with the PHP connector.

As for CKFinder 2, we are currently working on adding an additional theme that would refresh its look and feel.

Around the Net

Team Updates

We welcome Adrian Kruszewski and Artur Kosla to the team! Our new colleagues joined the Sales team last week and are ready for new challenges ahead.

This sums up last two weeks. If you would like to be featured in one of our CKEditor Weeklies, or have an interesting tidbit that relates to CKEditor, leave a comment below or contact us. 

Have a great week ahead!

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