CKEditor 4.2 Released

We are happy to announce the release of CKEditor 4.2 that includes a most awaited addition of the JQuery Adapter. We also introduced considerable changes in text indentation mechanisms, including the new possibility to use the Tab and Shift+Tab keyboard shortcuts to indent and outdent lists. Last but not least, we dropped support for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.6.

Indentation Changes

CKEditor 4.2 introduces changes in the indentation features. First of all, parts of the indentation functionality that used to be defined in the Indent plugin were now delegated to two new plugins: Indent Block and Indent List. Plugin names are quite self-explanatory, but to sum it up, the Indent List plugin is responsible for list indentation and nesting only (if you indent a list item, it will become a nested list). It also introduces support for Tab and Shift+Tab keyboard shortcuts for list indenting and outdenting. The Indent Block plugin is in charge of handling indentation of text block elements like paragraphs or headings (and also lists in cases when nesting is not possible because the first list item is selected).

Please note that neither the Basic nor the Standard distribution package will contain the new Indent Block plugin. Because of this the Advanced Content Filter might remove block indentations from existing contents. If you want to prevent this, either add an appropriate ACF rule to your filter or create a custom build based on the Basic/Standard package and add the Indent Block plugin in CKBuilder.

The jQuery Adapter

From now on, CKEditor again offers native jQuery integration through its jQuery Adapter. It provides deep integration of CKEditor and jQuery that lets you use the native features of jQuery when using CKEditor. The jQuery Adapter is compatible with jQuery versions 1.7+ and 2.0+.

Thanks to the jQuery Adapter every element can be converted into a framed editor, while any other editable element can be changed into an inline editor. In order to use the jQuery adapter on your page you will only need to add the , and scripts to your page. The jQuery Adapter will then make it possible to create editor instances via jQuery or use the dedicated val() method that is an extension of the native jQuery val(). For more information about the jQuery Adapter see the relevant section of our Developer's Guide.

Browser Compatibility Changes

Please note that starting with CKEditor 4.2 we have dropped support for two quite outdated browsers: Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.6. If you are using these products, it is high time to upgrade to something more modern that can fully unleash the potential of contemporary Web applications! Our full browser support list can be found here.

Other Changes

This version brings a few other features and fixes, most notably:

  • HiDPI support in the editor UI. HiDPI icons for Moono skin have already been added!
  • The new onChange event is now a part of CKEditor core Undo plugin.
  • The new editor#required event handles attributes on elements.
  • Ability to replace textarea elements with the inline editor.
  • A new config.title setting was introduced to change the human-readable title of the editor (which greatly improves the accessibility of inline editors).

Check out the What's New? page for the full list of changes.


Download CKEditor 4.2 now!


CKEditor is available under Open Source and Commercial licenses. Full details can be found on our license page.

Reporting Issues

Please use the CKEditor Development site to report issues and suggestions through tickets.


Community support is available through our forums. Visit the support page for additional options.

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