CKEditor 3.0 Beta 2 released!

Welcome to the past! 👻
Unfortunately, CKEditor 3 is no longer with us. RIP ❤️

Instead, you can check our new and powerful rich text editor framework, CKEditor 5. It has a modular architecture, integrations with popular JavaScript frameworks and features like real-time collaborative editing.

Or, you can discover CKEditor 4, which is an enterprise-grade WYSIWYG editor with countless features and wide browser compatibility including the legacy ones.

Take me to the future ✨

This is a fully functional beta, containing all features we expect providing in the first stable release of CKEditor 3.0. You can now enjoy amazing performance, full accessibility support and a powerful and extensible JavaScript API, having most of the features you are used to have with FCKeditor.

This release is not yet targeted to production web sites. It's ready and stable enough to be integrated on testing environments, preparing your software for the upcoming Release Candidate.

Visit the CKEditor web site to test and download it.

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