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Add-on of the Month

Add-on of the Month

We enter year 2016 with a new online activity. From now on we will bring you a monthly selection of the finest non-commercial CKEditor add-ons. The “Add-on of the Month” is here to celebrate the best of what the CKEditor developer community has to offer. 

CKEditor has a plugin-based architecture, that’s why plugins are the most important building blocks of the editor. They provide all editor features, including user interface rendering, text manipulation, data input and output, etc. 

A huge variety of add-ons is provided by both the core CKEditor development team and the CKEditor developers community. The CKEditor Add-on Repository is the starting point to find and share them, however the sheer number of plugins and skins available for download can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s where we come in giving you a helping hand!

Selection Criteria

When choosing the “Add-on of the Month” we will be looking at the following criteria:

  • The number of unique downloads.
  • The date of the latest add-on update.
  • Its compatibility with the latest CKEditor version.

We also give additional points for:

  • Providing links to the add-on’s website, documentation, demo page, issue tracker.
  • Providing screenshots illustrating the add-on functionality.
  • Active maintenance of the add-on and regular bug fixes.
  • Active user support from the add-on creator.

What’s in It for Me? 

Once we select the add-on of the month, we will make sure that it reaches a wider audience. For the given month we will be promoting the add-on on the main CKEditor Add-ons page as well as on our social media channels and in our monthly newsletter.

Enjoy the best of CKEditor add-ons every single month! 

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