Accessibility, usability and SEO go hand in hand

David Carralon is a marketing professional based in Paris. He currently works as the Head of International SEO for Career Builder. In his spare time he writes about Search Engine Marketing on his blog and tweets about “all things digital marketing” at @DavidCarralon.

In this brief talk, we are looking at how web accessibility and search engine optimization are closely connected. Read on for more!


CKEditor 4.5 Released

We are happy to announce the most awaited release of CKEditor 4.5, the next major editor version that introduces an entire spectrum of amazing new features and improvements and is the biggest release since CKEditor 4.0. The CKEditor team has been working on this ground-breaking release for the last year, polishing the beta version as much as we could during the last couple of weeks, and we are extremely proud to be able to finally deliver the final version to the general public!


CKEditor 4.4.8 with a Security Patch Released

We would like to announce the release of CKEditor 4.4.8, the last version in the CKEditor 4.4.* line that contains over 20 issues fixed, from accessibility improvements to API documentation updates. This editor version also includes a security fix for the HTML parser, so an upgrade is highly recommended!


CKFinder 3.0 for PHP Released

We are happy to announce that CKFinder 3.0 for PHP was released today. This represents a huge milestone in the development of CKFinder, the powerful and easy to use file manager for the Web, that comes as a complete rewrite of the entire application, with new features such as full responsiveness, cloud storage support, jQuery Mobile based customizable skin system, built-in image editor and many more. Read on to see what the new CKFinder has to offer!


CKFinder for ASP.NET with a Security Patch Released

We would like to announce an immediate release of CKFinder for ASP.NET which contains a critical security fix. An upgrade is highly recommended!

We have been contacted yesterday (June, 8th) by Tornike Gelashvili, CTO of Helix Group regarding an issue discovered during penetration tests. After confirming the issue, a security fix has been developed in order to provide the fix to the general public as soon as possible. The application was also checked to confirm that it was the only place affected.