Wow! Things are working well for us. Exactly one year ago we have reached 2 million downloads, accumulating yet another million now. That's amazing, considering that we are counting only direct downloads, excluding the thousands of systems out there that contain FCKeditor embedded.

Let's move on to the next million, to be reached even faster with CKEditor 3.0. Thanks for trusting us!

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FCKeditor 2.6.3 Beta released

This new release brings some nice new features to FCKeditor like the DIV Container Tool, "non breaking space" support and automatic e-mail protection. As usual, it also includes some minor fixes.

We'll be waiting a few days to catch some feedback for this beta. The stable release is planned to 5 August 2008.


FCKeditor 2.6.1 released

To match the Opera 9.5 release, here we have a new version of FCKeditor. Other than providing better compatibility with this new browser, it fixes several important bugs and brings some few nice features to our editor.

We'll now continue working for the release of FCKeditor 2.6.2. In parallel to it, we have started coding CKEditor 3.0 (also known as V3), our next generation editor.

Stay in touch, and enjoy FCKeditor and Opera together!


FCKeditor.Java 2.4 Beta 1 released

Michael Osipov and Thilo Schwarz have worked hard during the last months to provide this brand new release of our Java integration package. Completely written from scratch, it leverages our Java code to provide the same quality and features available with other languages integrations.

This version is now managed with Maven 2, which reduces repetitive tasks dramatically. Because of Maven, a new Java dedicated web site is now up and running.


Jobs: Join us in our global editing mission!

At FCKeditor, we are working hard to create the next generation text editor to be used all around the world. This is an exciting and challenging job.

We're looking for two magically talented JavaScript developers as well as a Graphics Designer master. More info can be found at our Jobs! page.

We are also considering "want to be a JavaScript developer" positions. Contact us.


FCKeditor 2.6 released

The stabilization period of version 2.6 RC has been completed successfully with no critical issues. We are now promoting that same release to the final 2.6.

Enjoy it!


FCKeditor 2.6 RC released

The 2.6 development has been concluded. After the beta, this version comes to stabilize the new dialog system, as well as fix several issues.

We'll be waiting for a while to catch some feedback about this release, and hopefully the final 2.6 will become public soon, having the same code base as this Release Candidate.

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New Gold Sponsor: SpellChecker.net

Let's welcome SpellChecker.net, which has just joined us as a featured Gold level sponsor.

SpellChecker.net provides hosted and licensed spell checking technology and services.

Sponsorship is an important resource for our project, which also brings back several wonderful benefits to you. Click here to find out more.


CKFinder 1.2 released

A fresh new release of CKFinder is now available. It introduces the so wanted multi-language UI support. German, Italian, Polish and Spanish localizations are already included in the package.

Other than that, we have worked to fix some usability uses regarding popup blockers, as well as adding several new features and fixes to known issues.

Check out the CKFinder web site for more information.


FCKeditor 2.6 Beta released

This release brings to public some amazing new features. Let's welcome the new dialog system, using floating elements with shadows and cool design. It is a high performance system bringing a nicer user experience, avoiding also the annoying warnings from popup blockers.

FCKeditor now supports "document.domain". It means that a web site at www.example.com can use FCKeditor from assets.example.com. This is a must have feature for the professional environment.


FCKeditor is in the AIR!

Other than amazing new features, FCKeditor 2.6 Beta brings compatibility with Adobe AIR 1.0.

We have worked in straight contact with the Adobe AIR team, checking all compatibility aspects between our applications and now you can use FCKeditor inside an AIR application sandbox just like you do in a web page.

Enjoy this experience, providing professional and rich applications with FCKeditor and Adobe AIR!

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New documentation web site!

We are proud to announce the birth of our new documentation web site: docs.fckeditor.net.

At FCKeditor Docs, you will find the complete documentation for FCKeditor, CKFinder and all projects we run around FCKeditor. It also includes the new User's Guide for FCKeditor.

We'll be constantly working to make it complete, full featured and updated. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Enjoy it!


CKFinder 1.1 released

A brand new version of CKFinder, the Advanced File Manager for FCKeditor, is available. It brings native support for ASP and ColdFusion, other than ASP.NET and PHP.

This release brings also other news. CKFinder is now compatible with Safari 3 and Opera 9.5, following the same compatibility line present in FCKeditor. Uploaded images can be automatically resized. The full source code is now available for the server side code. Several security fixes are included. Upgrading is highly recommended, and free ;)