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Background Image
Hello all,

I'm using vtiger and there is the FCKeditor implemented. I like to create a standard eMail for our company in vtiger.
I like to have on the left an image (name of the internet side) and on the bottom a singnature (company details, also image).
The left image is supposed to be floading or what so ever.

My problem is now that when put down the html code, it will nt work. When I use the normal <img> tag it will be allright but when I start to use <body> or <div> it will not. When I change back to "code" the field will be empty.

Can somebody help me on this one?
(I'm not good in html, btw ;) )

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Joined: 15/08/2008
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Re: Background Image

the part on the left side has not to be a picture. It's just a long gray rectangle with the url in white (letters turned).
Maybe there is a easier way to do it without any picture.