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Add more smileys to CKeditor?

I just installed the new CKeditor on my drupal project. So there is this Smiley-plugin, with the folder where the .gif are placed. Now, my "client" want MORE smileys..... (yes, female.... :D ;) :mrgreen: :lol: :P :roll:

So i took some other .gif images and put that in the image folder of the smiley-plugin, but they are not listed in the popup, when i click the "add smiley" button.

So whats the trick? Anyone can help me out here? =)

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Re: Add more smileys to CKeditor?
CKEDITOR.config.smiley_images= [];
CKEDITOR.config.smiley_descriptions= [];

CKEDITOR.config.smiley_images= ['smile.gif', 'mad.gif'];
CKEDITOR.config.smiley_descriptions= [':-)', ':-('];

My customer wanted the Messenger smileys, so what I did was
add a new directory under

and uploaded the new smileys here

Then I added this

config.smiley_images=['angel_smile.gif', 'angry_smile.gif', 'broken_heart.gif', 'cake.gif', 'confused_smile.gif', 'cry_smile.gif', 'devil_smile.gif', 'embaressed_smile.gif', 'envelope.gif', 'heart.gif', 'kiss.gif', 'lightbulb.gif', 'omg_smile.gif', 'regular_smile.gif', 'sad_smile.gif', 'shades_smile.gif', 'teeth_smile.gif', 'thumbs_down.gif', 'thumbs_up.gif', 'tounge_smile.gif', 'whatchutalkingabout_smile.gif', 'wink_smile.gif'];
config.smiley_descriptions=['', ':(', '', '', ':~', ':\'(', '', '', '', '', '', '', ':-O', ':-)', ':-(', '8-)', ':D', '', '', ':-P', ':|', ';-)'];

into my config.js
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Re: Add more smileys to CKeditor?
Ok, im not sure if i understand this.

In the config.js i have to add the filenames?
I'm a bit irritaded, because that was the way i tried it.
i looked in this file and found the line (config.smiley_images....), where all imamgefiles are added. I tried to add 2 new gif-files and added the filenames in that line. But they did not show up in the selection-menu for the smileys. I am quite sure that i did it right (no misspelling, etc)

When you made a new directory with new smileys, did you add a second "config.smiley_path" line in the config-file? or did you swap the smileys?
Maybe i have to make a new directory and new lines?

I will try a new dir with new lines. maybe i messed something up when i mixed the new to the old smileys.
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Re: Add more smileys to CKeditor?
To add new smileys to the editor, search the ckeditor directory for "angel_smile" - it appears in two files.
(as it is one of the default images)

"\ckeditor\_source\plugins\smiley\plugin.js" and "\ckeditor\ckeditor.js"

Add the new descriptions and image names to these lists, and then copy the smiley images to the location below

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I followed your instructions

I followed your instructions but nothing changed .