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CKFinder 2.2 Released
We are happy to announce the latest release of our file manager, CKFinder 2.2. This is a security release that contains a fix for a known vulnerability in IIS 6.0 web servers, so an upgrade is highly recommended.

In addition to the security fix, this release contains a few exciting new features, including the HTML5 multiple file uploads, read-only mode, and the lightbox plugin, as well as numerous bug fixes.

See the announcement post for more details about the new version as well as the IIS 6 vulnerability: http://ckfinder.com/blog/CKFinder_2.2_released

The CKSource team would like to thank Soroush Dalili who discovered and reported this issue!

Documentation Manager, CKSource

See CKEditor 4.x docs, CKEditor 3.x docs, CKFinder docs for help. CKEditor general FAQ is useful, too!
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Re: CKFinder 2.2 Released
I have a problem with this when it is using in chrome. When iam clicking on the button called link..then one pop up comes after that ckfinder is not working...