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  1. screenshot of CKEditor with basic preset

    Includes only the most basic styles (Bold, Italic) and simple text formatting options. Ideal for small text editing areas and quick input fields.

    17 Plugins

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  2. screenshot of CKEditor with standard preset

    Preset containing the most essential plugins. Includes W3C compliant tools to help generate HTML content in accordance with current Web standards.

    48 Plugins

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  3. screenshot of CKEditor with full preset

    Comes with tools found in previous versions of CKEditor. Ideal for those who want every option available from the start. Please note that this package does not include all official plugins.

    72 Plugins

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  4. ?

    The configuration file can be created either manually, by modifying the default configuration file, or by saving the configuration file after creating your first custom build.
Plugin name Basic Standard Full
About CKEditor (about) yes yes yes
Basic Styles (basicstyles) yes yes yes
Clipboard (clipboard) yes yes yes
Editor Toolbar (toolbar) yes yes yes
Enter Key (enterkey) yes yes yes
Escape HTML Entities (entities) yes yes yes
Floating Space (floatingspace) yes yes yes
IFrame Editing Area (wysiwygarea) yes yes yes
Indent List (indentlist) yes yes yes
Link (link) yes yes yes
List (list) yes yes yes
Undo (undo) yes yes yes
Accessibility Help (a11yhelp) yes yes
Blockquote (blockquote) yes yes
Context Menu (contextmenu) yes yes
Editor Resize (resize) yes yes
Elements Path (elementspath) yes yes
File Browser (filebrowser) yes yes
Format (format) yes yes
Horizontal Rule (horizontalrule) yes yes
HTML Output Writer (htmlwriter) yes yes
Image (image) yes yes
Magic Line (magicline) yes yes
Maximize (maximize) yes yes
Paste As Plain Text (pastetext) yes yes
Paste from Word (pastefromword) yes yes
Remove Format (removeformat) yes yes
Show Table Borders (showborders) yes yes
Source Editing Area (sourcearea) yes yes
Special Characters (specialchar) yes yes
SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) (scayt) yes yes
Styles Combo (stylescombo) yes yes
Tab Key Handling (tab) yes yes
Table (table) yes yes
Table Tools (tabletools) yes yes
WebSpellChecker (wsc) yes yes
Advanced Tab for Dialogs (dialogadvtab) yes
BiDi (Text Direction) (bidi) yes
Color Button (colorbutton) yes
Color Dialog (colordialog) yes
Content Templates (templates) yes
Div Container Manager (div) yes
Find / Replace (find) yes
Flash Dialog (flash) yes
Font Size and Family (font) yes
Form Elements (forms) yes
IFrame Dialog (iframe) yes
Indent Block (indentblock) yes
Insert Smiley (smiley) yes
Justify (justify) yes
Language (language) yes
List Style (liststyle) yes
New Page (newpage) yes
Page Break (pagebreak) yes
Preview (preview) yes
Print (print) yes
Save (save) yes
Select All (selectall) yes
Show Blocks (showblocks) yes

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Please note that plugins and skins available to add to selected preset could be provided by third parties and may not be checked by the CKEditor team. You will add them at your own risk.

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Accessibility Checker is licensed under the GPL license, which automatically enforces the GPL license for CKEditor.
If you cannot use the GPL license in your project, contact us!

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