CKEditor Weekly for July 27, 2015


Summer holiday season is in full swing, but the CKEditor and CKFinder teams are still working on bug fixes and new ideas for the next releases. We're back with another CKEditor Weekly, read on for more details!

CKEditor in Review

The heatwave struck in Warsaw and elsewhere; the team members tried to run off from it. Still, we are a bunch of tough fellows, and these two weeks have seen many tickets closed... and unfortunately also some new opened.

CKEditor 4.5 Released

Posted by Anna on Releases

We are happy to announce the most awaited release of CKEditor 4.5, the next major editor version that introduces an entire spectrum of amazing new features and improvements and is the biggest release since CKEditor 4.0. The CKEditor team has been working on this ground-breaking release for the last year, polishing the beta version as much as we could during the last couple of weeks, and we are extremely proud to be able to finally deliver the final version to the general public!

CKEditor 4.4.8 with a Security Patch Released

Posted by Anna on Releases

We would like to announce the release of CKEditor 4.4.8, the last version in the CKEditor 4.4.* line that contains over 20 issues fixed, from accessibility improvements to API documentation updates. This editor version also includes a security fix for the HTML parser, so an upgrade is highly recommended!

CKEditor Weekly for June 29, 2015


Here is your CKEditor weekly update. We are almost there – CKEditor and CKFinder major releases will be out this week! We are also very close to the first major release of Accessibility Checker. Read on for more.

CKEditor Weekly for June 15, 2015


Here we go with the latest CKEditor weekly update. Major releases of CKEditor and CKFinder are on their way. We also had an important security update for CKFinder 2. Read on for more!

CKEditor Weekly for May 25, 2015


Here is your weekly dose of CKEditor updates! Last week we were catching up with our community's pull requests on Github. We also managed to launch the preview of CKFinder 3 and Accessibility Checker. Read on for more!

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