CKEditor 3.0 is here!

After almost two years of intensive development, it's a pleasure to release the first stable version of CKEditor 3.0, our next generation browser based WYSIWYG editor. This is the next big thing following the birth of CKSource.

CKEditor is a complete rewrite of our so loved FCKeditor, which got a bit old after six years of great success. Not to say that FCKeditor is doing bad, but there are some new things we could bring to it, and CKEditor is the result of it. I'm sure you will feel the difference, and if you were happy with FCKeditor, you'll be now amazed with CKEditor.

CKEditor has also a new logo and a new web site. We really hope you'll enjoy it.

What's new?

There are dozens of new features in CKEditor. Let's talk about some of the most notable things.

Amazing performance!

Yeah... that's really a big difference. CKEditor is fast to load and fast to use. Our development team stayed focused to bring here the best performance you can have, using all modern best practices. You'll be amazed with it.


Another important aspect on totally rewriting the code is that CKEditor is now fully accessible. It's totally screen reader compatible and keyboard only usable. It complies with the W3C WCAG and the US Section 508 accessibility standards. It also offers a unique high contrast feature. CKEditor is here for everybody.

Brand new UI

You'll note that we have also a brand new UI based on the Kama skin. Other than modern, Kama is colorful like a chameleon, so you can precisely match its color to your needs. This is an innovative and unique feature you'll find in CKEditor only.

New JavaScript API

The CKEditor code is also much different now. It's up to date with the new JavaScript development requirements, offering a rich and powerful integration and interaction API. The editor is totally plugin based, and it can be extended and modified in all senses to fit all needs.

Much more...

There are definitely lots of new things in CKEditor. This page would not be enough to list them, so take a ride on it and try out our demo. Then, download CKEditor and start integrating it today in your next generation applications.

Notes on the new name

For years we have been fighting with a relatively important issue with FCKeditor. While its quality has been strongly accepted, its name brought us troubles, mainly inside English speaking countries. The fact is that the initials of Frederico Caldeira Knabben have an unfortunate match with the most used English bad word.

We hope you like the new CKEditor name. It's the best solution we have found to make the transition clearer and better acceptable. Note that CK stands now for "content and knowledge".

So go ahead expressing yourself with our new editor, bringing exciting new features to your applications and web sites.

Enjoy it!

    • Hi Simone. For now CKFinder is the best option for it. For the 3.1, we'll decide whether to have the OSS file browser inside CKEditor or instead as a separated project. Stay in touch for is so. Thanks.

    • That's not entirely true. It's just a matter of properly setting up the editor.

      Actually, the right tags to use is a relative issue. We're coming from FCKeditor, so we still inherit many of its features. So, CKEditor works the way FCKeditor users expect it to work in many senses.

      Anyway, this discussion is out of place. We're definitely changing things. This was the first (huge) step, so you can certainly expect things more the way you like (and I prefer) in the future.

    • Here we have Anonymous again.

      We've been noticing that some people (specially web site developers, not users in our case) react negatively when facing something that is out of their expectations. So, any editor that's not similar to the others out there, or without the MS Word icons look strange. But, be sure that we have strongly researched and thought about the proposed solutions, and the usability results have proven to work well. It's enough to implement CKEditor in your web site and your users will not the positive difference.

      Regarding the color scheme mention, you probably misunderstood it. Our demo simply shows some predefined colors, but you can use any color you want for it. We'll change the demo to better illustrate it, but you can try the color selector in our nightly build.

      Then, if you really prefer old stuff, you can always opt for the other skins illustrated in the demo, which came from V2. So, you defintely have options.

    • É um prazer ver você por aqui. Boas lembranças do passado.

      Muitas felicidades pra você também ;)

    • I know that it's not the usual way things are done in the ASP.Net world, go ahead using CKEditor 3.0 today just like a simple <textarea>, retrieving it's data with the good and old Request.Form object.

      In any case, be sure we'll be working on more strict server side integration solutions for the coming releases.

    • I've just tried it with Opera 10 (build 1750) on Windows and it works like a charm (!?)

    • Be sure to have a ticket for it at our dev site, containing full information on how to reproduce this issue.

    • We have plans to start a new MediaWiki effort, based on CKEditor. We would really like to have the definitive solution for it this time.

      I'm not able to give dates for it though, but we're definitely talking about 2010.

      • Hi Thomas,

        We we have already something working but it's still too early to publish it. We're in touch with devs that know MediaWiki very well, so we should be able to provide relatively soon a solution that will satisfy all users that would like to have an easy to use RTE in MediaWiki (this will definitely happen this year, we have no ETA yet).

        • Sure, any help is welcome and appreciated.

          Please use the contact form to contact us and I'll reply to you via email regarding the help we may need. Thanks!

    • Andrew, thanks for your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear that CKEditor didn't match your expectations. Fortunately the great majority of our users have a different opinion about it, but be sure that we take all suggestions in consideration.

      If the default Kama skin is not for you, be sure to check the other skin options. We'll also bring further skins in the future, to satisfy all tastes.

      Regarding CKFinder in the demo, we'll add information into that page about it.

      • The demo page has been updated, including a note about the CKFinder integration.